About Usearchme.com

Originally I set up Usearchme.com as a marketing PPC site many years ago, but it was very hard to compete with such big companies as Google and Yahoo and now Bing. While it was making money it was hard to maintain and I wanted to do something different.

I was originally doing my SEO for my own sites, and was doing well with this, the only problem with working on your own sites is it can become very boring, also monitoring and managing your own sites is a daily occurrence, so you get no time off.

So I started to do some freelancing work for people on Elance, odesk and Freelancer who were in Local business, as I had helped a friend of mine rank his business well in Google and also on the local listings, it was good fun and it was less stressful than having to manage my own website, as SEO for me is not a difficult process, as I am quite a logical thinker.

I started to help others and noticed that lots of people within the photography niche has terrible issues with search engine optimisation and marketing, mainly because they just didn’t know the know how, all were scared to do things, or just didn’t know what to do at all.

One of the main issues I have discovered with photography websites is they tend to be pretty minimal and also contain lots and lots of images obviously, this is not very good for SEO, so started to work with a few sites in this area of work.

I found this kind of work fun and interesting, and it was a case of education and helping people become more successful, so I decided to instead work within lots of niches, just to concentrate on one particular SEO niche, photography and everything that goes along with it, social media, websites, video and anything else search engine marketing related.

This way I can make myself the go to guy for photography SEO