Local SEO for your photography business.

Local SEO is slightly different to the organic SEO where you try to get ranked in the top 10 of a certain key-phrase.

You might have noticed when you type in certain phrases into Google a map appears listing some businesses and inviting you to click them as the image below.

snap pack screenshot.

This is a screenshot of the google Local SEO listings

If you click more places then it lists another 20 local businesses, you might want to experiment and type a few phrases for your local area and see if you show up on any of the listings, or if any of your competitors do, you should also notice the map does not appear all the time.

This depends on a number of factors, as Google uses your ip address to try to find the nearest and most relevant listings to you.

Getting ranked on the map listings.

Getting ranked on these local listings can sometimes be more cost effective as a lot of the niches or local areas have not become saturated and can sometimes, be easier to rank on the maps, this can be useful as it can give you some clients if you are not ranking so well in the organic SEO listings.

Obviously you will need to have a Google plus business page to be able to rank on the snap pack.

We at Usearchme.com can help you with this and we can help you optimise your Local listing page and help you gain rankings within your local area.

So please contact us today.