Web-site Design.

If you are looking to update your website, maybe you have an older HTML website and want to move over to a CMS (Content Management Systems) type site using WordPress or Joomla, then we can help you design your website and help you choose the right platform for you, this can be important when it comes to updating your site.

CMS websites are also a lot easier to update when you want to change a page you login to a control panel and have an admin area you can make the changes, if you have an older HTML site then you have to get someone to go into the code and alter the text and code itself.

We can help you make a choice what will be the best option for you and your business long term.

Mobile Friendly

All our sites will be mobile friendly, previously most website were just mainly used on desktop computers but over the last years people have started to use their mobiles to browse the net more often now, the problem with some of the older website is that if you check them on your mobile, they dont appear correctly, some of the design looks odd, with our designed sites they will be mobile compatible, meaning people can view them properly when they access your site via a mobile phone.

Mobile friendly tool Google

Screenshot of a mobile friendly website.

Google Insights

Google has something called the insights tool, if you type this into Google you will be able to view this, and then it gives you the option to enter your website url, you can then run this tool to check some parts of your website, it will give you a score at the end of the test, we will make sure that your score is optimised.

Insights tool by Google

A screenshot of the Google insights tool in action.